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Almera Ceramica, the Spanish brand for the first time represented in February 2014 at the Cevisama International Ceramic Show, has already managed to gain popularity thanks to its contrast and colorific collections of ceramic tiles.

A variety of ornamental designs and ingenious colour scheme enabled a young Almera Ceramica enterprise to create up to date collections of ceramic tiles, which acquire the status of the up-market ceramics.

The plant’s dynamic production is still surprising with a constantly renewing range of tiles. Along with the high-level technical characteristics and European quality, the key feature of each collection is the magnificent ornamental elements. Inimitable colouring of original Almeria and the hot Andalusian sun inspire the talented Spanish designers to creation of bright panel pictures and decorative components, made using the modern digital devices. Satisfying the consumers’ needs to the maximum, the Almera Ceramica specialists combine not only colourful compositions, but also the design and functional solutions in their collections. Taking care of the youngest customers, the company’s designers develop unique series of ceramic tiles for children bathrooms.

Liquidation of the space monotony has become one of the mottos of the brand. Exquisite collections of ceramic tiles of a vast range of toning from the Spanish brand Almera Ceramica will be a real decoration of a house, introducing new emotions to the interior scene.